Дорогие друзья, я выкладываю все исходники программы PIGEON! для скачивания как есть.
Я уже не смогу развивать эту программу, изза состояния здоровья.
Я надеялся, что у меня не будет все так плохо и ждал улучшения - но его не видно и врят ли будет в дальнейшем.

Берите их, пытайтесь разобраться (если кому интерсно), берите отсюда все что угодно - развивайте проект или пишите свои версии..

А я, к сожалению, не смогу уже так бодро и быстро писать программы. Зрение у меня стало совсем плохое, и читать буквы (соответственно и писать) с каждым годом становится все труднее.

Удачи Вам во всем.


We proudly state that PIGEON! is the first ever PDA messenger to combine all following features as well as advantages they bring into messaging:

  • Finger-friendly interface which is intuitively-clear therefore that’s easy to chat on the run.
  • Ultimate compatibility with different Windows Mobile Professional and Smartphone devices and screen resolutions.
  • Amazingly low system requirements: only 500KB RAM and ROM added to superior workspeed even on 200MHz devices.
  • Compatible with the most of additional hardware keyboards for PDAs and smartphones.
  • Built-in spam filter
  • Full support of UNICODE.
  • Recognises WEB links in the messages and opens them in the WEB browser which is set as default.
  • Support of various instant messaging services: ICQ, XMPP, Jabber and GTalk. MSN is on its way to join these!

Well, these are the most important ones though PIGEON! just wouldn’t be itself if not the following:

  • Various color schemes and skins
  • Downloadable smiley packs
  • Three languages are available: Russian, English and German, Czech.
  • Lots of additional settings – from pop-up window to keyboard controls.



PIGEON! is also available for OEM developers and Windows CE device manufacturers. To find out more, please, contact demyan@getbest.ru

PIGEON! supports MIPS, ARM and other processor types...

If you would like to have PIGEON! in your native
language but it is not listed on the main page,
please translate this file and
send it via e-mail to demyan@getbest.ru

lang.txt (unicode text file)

List of already supported languages
(some in alpha versions only):

Russian, English, German, Italian,
Chinese, Czech, Slovak, Portuguese Brazilian, Polish.

PIGEON! Windows Mobile messenger

Smiles | History | Contacts

Developer: VirtualProjects
OS: Windows 2003, WM5, WM6, WM6.1,
Windows Smartphones (2003 - WM6),
Windows CE, Windows Vista or XP
Processor: ARM, MIPS, x86, x64
Screen: qQVGA, qVGA, VGA, WVGA
Protocols: ICQ, XMPP, GTAlk

Download PIGEON! - 02.10.2013
Pocket PC & Smartphones
Russian download cab zip
English download cab zip
German download cab zip
Italian download cab zip
Chinese download cab zip
Czech download cab zip
Slovak download cab zip
Portuguese br download cab zip
Polish download cab zip
Windows CE 5.0
Russian cab zip cab zip
English cab zip cab zip
German cab zip cab zip
Italian cab zip cab zip
Chinese cab zip cab zip
Czech cab zip cab zip
Slovak cab zip cab zip
Portuguese br cab zip cab zip
Polish cab zip cab zip
Windows XP, Vista, Seven
  x32 x64
Russian download download
English download download
German download download
Italian download download
Chinese download download
Czech download download
Slovak download download
Portuguese br download download
Polish download download
Today plug-in for WM 6.5 CHome
AppToDate XML
Download AppToDate

Recognizes the XMPP protocol

The support of XMPP/Gtalk
is not completed


List of compatible devices:

Acer C500 Series(integrated GPS), c510, c530, c531, Ferrari Racing, Acer N Series, n10, n30, n50, n35 (integrated GPS), n300, n310, n311, n320, ASUS, MyPal A600 , MyPal A620, MyPal A620BT, MyPal A626, MyPal A632, MyPal A636, MyPal A636N, MyPal A632N, MyPal A639, MyPal A686, MyPal A696, MyPal A716, MyPal A730, MyPal A730W, P505, P525, P535, P735, P565, Audiovox (Now UTStarcom), Thera - Pocket PC with Built-In CDMA Verizon cellphone, PPC-6600/6601 - HTC Harrier (CDMA), PPC-6700 - HTC Apache (CDMA), PPC4100 - GSM/GPRS Pocket PC Phone, PPC-6800 - HTC Mogul (CDMA), PPC-6900 - HTC Touch (CDMA), Binatone, Binatone Carrera (GPS), X350, X430, Casio, Cassiopeia, BE-300, E-100, E-115, E-125, EM-500, A-22T, Compaq, PC Companion, Cowon, Cowon Q5W, E-TEN, M600, G500, X500 glofiish, M700 glofiish, T500, X800 glofiish, Dell, Dell Axim, Axim X30, Axim X5, Axim X50, Axim X50v, Axim X51, Axim X51v, Dopod, Dopod Site , Dopod C500 , Dopod C730 , Dopod HTC Touch , Dopod D600 , Dopod M700 , Dopod C720 , Dopod 838 Pro , Dopod 818Pro , Dopod C800 , Dopod P800W , Dopod D810 , Dopod U1000 , Dopod 595 , Dopod 300 , Fujitsu, Pencentra 130, Pencentra 200, Fujitsu-Siemens Computers, Pocket LOOX 600, Pocket LOOX 610BT, Pocket LOOX 610BT/WLAN, Pocket LOOX 410, Pocket LOOX 420, Pocket LOOX 710, Pocket LOOX 718, Pocket LOOX 720, Pocket LOOX N500, Pocket LOOX N520, Pocket LOOX N560, Pocket LOOX C550, Pocket LOOX N100, Pocket LOOX N110, Pocket LOOX T810, Pocket LOOX T830, Garmin, iQue M5 , iQue M4 , iQue M3 , , Hewlett Packard, Jornada, Jornada 520 series, Jornada 540 series, Jornada 560 series, Jornada 680 series, Jornada 690 series, Jornada 710, Jornada 720, Jornada 728, Jornada 820 handheld, HP/Compaq iPAQ, H1900, H1910, H1920, H1930, H1935, H1940, H1945, H3630, H3670, H3760, H3850, H3870, H3950, H3955, H3970, H3975, H4150, H4155, H5550, HP2210, HX2110, HX2400 Series, HX2795, HX2795b, HX4700, HX4705, RX1950, RX1955, RX3115, RX3715, RX5910, RZ1715, hw6500 Series, Hitachi, Hitachi G1000, HTC, HTC Advantage X7500/HTC Athena, HTC Advantage X7501/HTC Athena, HTC Advantage X7510, HTC Alpine, HTC Amadeus, HTC Apache, HTC Artemis/HTC P3300, HTC Atlas/HTC P4351, HTC Blue Angel, HTC Breeze/HTC MTeoR, HTC Canary, HTC Cavalier/HTC S630, HTC Census/HTC P6000, HTC Charmer, HTC Cheetah, HTC Erato/HTC S420, HTC Excalibur/HTC S620/HTC S621, HTC Falcon, HTC Faraday, HTC Feeler, HTC Foreseer, HTC Galaxy, HTC Gene/HTC P3400/HTC P3401, HTC Gemini, HTC Harrier, HTC Herald/HTC P3450, HTC Hermes, HTC Himalaya, HTC Iris/HTC S640, HTC Kii, HTC Libra/HTC 5800/HTC S720, HTC Love/HTC P3350, HTC Melody/HTC Muse, HTC Magician, HTC Monet/HTC S320, HTC Omni, HTC Oxygen/HTC S310, HTC Panda/HTC P6300, HTC Pharos/HTC P3470, HTC Prophet, HTC Robbie, HTC Rosella/iPAQ H3870/iPAQ H3875, HTC Sedna/HTC P6500, HTC Sirius/HTC P6550, HTC Sonata, HTC Startrek/HTC S411, HTC Tanager, HTC Titan/HTC P4000, HTC Tornado/HTC Tornado Noble/HTC Tornado Tempo, HTC Touch/HTC Elf/HTC Ted Baker Needle/HTC Vogue/HTC P3050/HTC P3450/HTC P3452, HTC Touch Cruise/HTC Touch Find/HTC Polaris/HTC P3650, HTC Touch Diamond/HTC Victor/HTC P3100/HTC P3700/HTC P3702, HTC Touch Dual//HTC Nike/HTC P5500, HTC Touch Find, HTC Touch HD//HTC Blackstone/HTC T8282, HTC Touch Pro/HTC Raphael, HTC Trinity/HTC P3600, HTC Typhoon, HTC TyTN/HTC Hermes, HTC TyTN II/HTC Kaiser, HTC Vox/HTC S710/HTC S711, HTC Universal, HTC Voyager, HTC Wallaby, HTC Wave, HTC Wings/HTC S730, HTC Wizard/HTC Prodigy/HTC P4300, HTC P3400i, HTC P3600i, i-mate, Momento Digital Photo Frame, Pocket PC, IBM, Workpad z50, JVC, MP-PV131 (never released), Jointech, J-Pro JL7100 Mini Laptop, LG, LN505 GPS Navigator., Linksys, Linksys WIP-300 VoIP WIFi phone., Linksys WIP-330 VoIP WIFi phone., Magellan Navigation, Magellan RoadMate 1200, Magellan RoadMate 1412, Magellan Maestro 3100, Magellan Maestro 4210, Meizu, Meizu M8, Mobile Crossing, WayPoint 100 includes CF based GPS, WayPoint 200 includes BT based GPS, Motorola, Motorola MC17, Motorola MC35, Motorola MC50, Motorola MC70, Motorola MPx200, Motorola MPx220, Motorola MPx300, Motorola i920/i930, Template:Motorola Vip 1200, MWg, Atom Life, Atom V, MWg Zinc II, MWg UBiQUiO 503g, MWg UBiQUiO 501, NAVIGON(Personal Navigation Assistant), 7100, 5100, 2100, NEC, Nec MobilePro, NTT DoCoMo, Sigmarion series, O2, O2 XDA, O2 XDA II, O2 XDA IIi, O2 XDA IIs, O2 XDA EXEC, O2 XDA Atom, O2 XDA Atom Executive, O2 XDA Atom Life, O2 XDA Flame, O2 XDA Orbit, O2 XDA Stealth, Palm, Treo 700w, Treo 700wx, Treo 750, Treo 755p, Treo 800w, Treo 500, Philips, Philips Nino - bar-style device with touchscreen, Philips Velo - small-notebook-style device with monochrome display, Samsung, Samsung E900, Samsung pixel, Samsung I780, Silvercrest, Mobile Navigation System PNA-M4310T - A navigation system from the homebrand of Lidl, Siemens, SX56, SX66, P1, Siemens Sirec D300, Snap-on Tools, MODIS, Snap-on SOLUS, Sophia Mobile, nani, ThinCCo, Tisio 90CE , Tisio 95CE , Tisio 96CE , Tisio 300CE , Toshiba, e310, e335, e355, e400, e450, e550g, e740, e750, e800, e805, e830, g500, g900, Unitech, MR650, PA950, PA962, PA966, UTStarcom, PPC-6700 - HTC Apache, PPC-6800 - HTC Mogul, PPC-6900 - HTC Touch, Vadem, Clio 1000, Clio 1050, clio NXT, Viewsonic, V35, V36, V37, V38, Vivax (available only in Ex-Yu markets), viaGPS 350, Yakumo, deltaX 5 BT ,
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